Using TI's PCM2704, Miu-Audio introduce our mini USB DAC unit - Delta.  Delta convert your PC USB audio signal
into coaxial digital signal and analog audio signal for your home audio system.  Powered directly by the USB host
computer, Delta is very convenient to use.  Despite of its mini size, Delta reproduce accurate and high quality audio
sound.  Three buttons on the front to control volume and power.
- Single ended headphone output and S/PDif output; 
- Fully compliant w/ USB 1.1 specification - 28 pin SSOP(PCM2704/5);
- Certified by USB-IF - 32 Pin TQFP (PCM2706/7);
- Sampling Rate: 32, 44.1, 48kHz;
- Bus-Powered: 5V, Typical (VBUS), Self-Powered: 3.3V, Typical;
- 16-Bit Delta-Sigma Stereo DAC controller and S/PDif.;
- THD+N: 0.006% RL > 10k Ohm 
- Pass-Band Ripple = +/- 0.04dB
- Stop-Band Attenuation = - 50dB
- Dimension: W64 X D38 X H23.5 mm


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Delta mini USB DAC

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